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About Us


Morinda Agricultural Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of Morinda Holdings, Inc., a multimillion dollar company that boasts more scientific research on the noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia) than any other company in the world. Morinda has performed more research on the noni plant than all companies, universities, and government agencies combined.


This noni research has led to dozens of worldwide patents and innumerable applications of the beneficial properties of Morinda citrifolia.


At Morinda Agricultural Products Inc., all of our products are formulated and studied by a team of veterinarians, Ph.D. animal nutritionists, and university staff. Each product is then proven through on-farm experience and university studies before it ever reaches the market.


It is the mission of Morinda Agricultural Products to continue the research, development, production, and distribution of cost effective, natural products that are scientifically proven to enhance the lives of plants and animals.
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